The preliminary design for the holiday house complex in the area of Lefokastron consisted of furnished apartments on a site overlooking the Pagasitic Bay. Its main characteristics are the large olive trees and the abrupt, almost 30m, vertical drop down to the sea.

Two two-storey houses, of typical Pelion architecture, preexisted on the site. They are to be renovated and converted to house furnished apartments. Three additional two-storey units with basements were designed in a way that was respective of the existing architecture and the olive trees. The project thus consists of five independent houses with, in all, 15 furnished apartments.

The houses are monolithic with limited projections, mainly small balconies to enjoy the views and covered verandahs (haghiatia) to protect from sun and rain. They are characterised by the contrast between whitewashed vertical surfaces and the greyish hipped slate roofs. External areas are to be terraced in a way respecting the natural gradients of the site but at the same time creating functional open spaces and shade.

Design Team


Sgoutas Architects

Design completed 2004