The facility, located on the main Athens-Marathon highway consists of two distinctly separate parts – the office building and the pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant.

The double-storey office building fronts the road and is dominated by its aluminum verticals with concrete panel infills. The manufacturing plant, which includes production areas, laboratories and warehouses, has few external openings thus contrasting sharply with the office building. Colour and the exposed concrete surfaces of both buildings become the unifying elements of the project.

The overall visual impact of the complex is enhanced by the landscaping which is in keeping with the simplicity of the building forms. The front lawn extends from road to office building and the full width of the site, thus giving a feeling of spaciousness to an otherwise congested site. A number of existing relatively large trees provide accents to the exterior design.

Design Team


V. K. Sgoutas Design Group in collaboration with A.Chasapi – A.S.Sargentis

Structural Engineers          

M.Zarkadoula Associates

MEP Consultants               

Tekem Ltd.

Project completed 1974 & 1977