The Psychtiki Ellados office and commercial building, designed for one of the largest construction companies of Greece, is located in the northern suburbs of Athens. It houses double-height commercial spaces at street level whereas the upper floors have been planned as flexible office space with open-plan layouts except for the meeting rooms and the services.

Form and colour determine the external appearance of the building. Facades, with the exception of the canopies, have been kept “flat” in order to stress the utilitarian function of the building’s “contents”. White marble and blue claddings are the contrasting elements of the façades. The windows appear mostly blue reflecting the sky. On cloudy days they become darker thus, colour-wise, mingling with the blue cladding and giving an overall blue monolithic appearance. A dominant feature of the building is the deep dark blue canopy and its equally dark blue gutters

Design Team


V. K. Sgoutas Design Group

Structural Engineers          

Omete Ltd.

MEP Consultants                

Tekem Ltd.

Project completed 1987