Novartis Hellas SA held a “closed” (by invitation) competition for proposals on aesthetic interventions for its Athens Metamorphosis Headquarters. “Sgoutas Architects” were the winners of this competition.

The proposals, substantially implemented, concerned the reception area, the cafeteria, the central stairway, all circulation areas and the ground floor meeting rooms.

The project revisited and readdressed the building taking into consideration the fast-paced expansion of the company, new trends in work environments and the evolving profile of Novartis. It aimed to:

–  visibly incorporate the Novartis corporate values into the organisation of the spaces

–  connect these values to employees and visitors alike

–  create inspiring micro-environments that foster individual creativity

–  make conviviality a basic constituent of the building

Colour and graphic elements have been used as common denominators for the whole project – be it wall surfaces, lettering or furniture. The colours chosen derive from the Novartis colour family. Colour thus becomes a unifying leit motif for the whole project.

Furniture (reception desk, cafeteria central piece, etc) and graphics have been specially designed by our firm in order to enhance the overall concept.

Design Team


Sgoutas Architects in collab. with Natalia Boura

Photographs by                   

A. Parela and D. Sgoutas

Project completed 2014