The 157000m² Merlin Estate is situated on Dassia Beach along the east coast of Corfu Island. The housing resort development project, commissioned by Elete S.A., was conceived on the basis of a two-zone masterplan which included 314 individual houses, 12 villas and 264 apartments. Together with the recreational facilities, the total built-up area exceeded 90000m². The two zones are physically separated by a small river flowing through the estate’s beach to the sea. The river, and its banks, thus became an integral part of the design.

The blocks of houses are arranged in a way providing maximum feasible privacy, space and proximity to the resort facilities and to the beach. As the greater part of the housing development consists of low houses and villas, the “insertion” of two-storey and four-storey apartment blocks offers diversity both in the layouts and in the volumetric balance of the overall site.

The circulation layout, through minor access roads and pedestrian ways, allows for maximum car-free zones and green areas in and surrounding the built-up areas. The landscaping makes optimum use of the existing large trees and dense flora. New planting focuses on adding privacy to the immediate surroundings of each villa, group of houses, and apartment block. It also screens the circulation zones.

Design Team


Sgoutas Architects in collaboration with K.Moustaki

Structural Engineers                            


MEP Consultants                           

Tekem Ltd.

Design completed 1990