The New Badiah and New Jeddah Housing Developments, consisting of one and two-storey villas, have been designed to provide both local citizens and foreign residents with houses of the highest architectural, engineering and technical standards – modern and spacious villas within a framework of planned luxury residential areas.

The locations had been specifically selected to be in areas offering easy access to downtown business areas and commercial etc. conveniences.

The New Badiah Housing Development is located in the Badiah area of Riyadh, about 7 kms from the centre of town. The site, on a plateau which overlooks a large palm grove, offers a superb view of the city. The city’s growth trend was taken into consideration in relation to the choice of this location. The layout was developed in conformity to the approved municipal plan, and offered the public the first such planned residential quarter to be undertaken in the private sector.

The New Jeddah Housing Development is located 12 kms from downtown Jeddah, on the north side of the city, near the King’s Palace. The site was developed within the framework of the approved municipal plan, in a specifically selected area that lies within the city’s evolving growth pattern. Its proximity to the New Ring Road afforded speedy access to the city’s downtown areas. The bathing beaches of the Red Sea are likewise close at hand. And to the east the mountains offer a splendid panoramic view.

The starting point for the urban planning concept of both development areas was the creation of architectural and town-planning identity, through the layouts and the building forms.

Ample space has been provided for parking, open squares and adequate low-traffic streets.

The villas themselves have been designed for space and privacy. The walled garden and open areas surrounding the villas provide for security and seclusion – a safe place for children to play, a quiet place to entertain guests. The layout of the rooms also accents the sense of space and light. From every major room sliding doors open directly onto the garden area and give a sense of unity with the villa’s surroundings.

External walls are constructed with precast concrete panels.

The overall project provides for a total of 1485 housing units (665 in Riyadh and 820 in Jeddah) making for a building area of 335000m² on sites totalling 247 Ha (150 Ha in Riyadh and 97 Ha in Jeddah). There are four single-storey villa types, having 152, 176, 225 and 261 square metres of floor area respectively and two double-storey villa types, having 233 and 272 square metres of floor area respectively.

Design Team


Sgoutas Architects

Structural Engineers

E.G. – Prentizas

MEP Consultants

Tekem Ltd.

Design completed 1977 (partly implemented)