The EEDE Educational Centre, with a total building area of 12.260m² is in fact a multi-function building which can also operate as a Conference Centre.

Key to its flexibility are the ground floor facilities and more particularly, the large foyer and the 400-seat auditorium which has a flat floor and movable seating allowing it to be used for exhibitions and social events as well. The main entrance foyer is, in fact, a double foyer. It can be divided by sliding/folding partitions into two, thus keeping the auditorium entrance separate from the Educational Centre entrance leading to the upper floors.

Thirty seminar halls, administration offices, meeting rooms and other communal rooms constitute the Educational Centre proper which extends over all the upper levels. This has been set back from the two principal roads fronting the site, thus allowing ample space in front of it for the siting of the single-storey auditorium which is essentially triangular in shape, its stage located at the junction of the two roads.

The architecturally dominating features of the building are the auditorium with its light steel truss elements stressing its triangularity, the recessed side-street building outline and, particularly at night, the all-glass intermediate (4th) floor of the main building.

Design Team


Sgoutas Architects collaborating architect: S.Tzanetatou

Structural Engineers          


MEP Consultants                

Tekem Ltd.

Acoustical Consultant        


Project completed 1995