The Balghailam Bubble Works Laundry Building, located in the Musafah industrial zone of Abu Dhabi, was designed and supervised, in two phases, by Anaplasi Consulting Engineers S.A. in collaboration with Sgoutas Architects. Balghailam Bubble Works provide laundry services for hotels and hospitals.

The first phase consisted of the main building, an industrial laundry facility for hotels complete with offices as well as a number of separate service buildings. The industrial facility houses the principle linen washing and ironing areas, the treatment room, the chemical store and ancillary service and staff areas. Included in the design scope was the landscaping of the whole plot.

The second phase consisted of an extension to the main industrial facility. It housed laundry facilities for hospital linen, garments, towels etc as well as additional office spaces and storage areas.

The buildings cover a total area of 7000 sq.m. located in a 14000 sq.m. plot.

The landscaping of the site includes a variety of trees and shrubs and is in harmony with a large preserved vineyard at the back of the site. Most significant are the age-old olive trees and large poplars which line the main circulation axis on both of its sides. In fact, these olive trees and poplars were the starting point of the site layout and thus of the overall concept. As one enters the site, one continues to feel, to this day, that the two lines of trees together with the circulation axis are the fulcrum from which emanate the several functions of the overall complex.

Design Team


Sgoutas Architects

Structural Engineers          

Anaplasi Consulting Engineers S.A.

MEP Consultants

Tekem S.A.

Project completed 2015 (Phase 2) & 2013 (Phase 1)