The architectural concept of the retail unit, located in a central position of the main departure concourse of the airport, was conceived in parallel with its functional concept and the fact that would-be travelers usually walk at relative speed. Three are the main aspects that govern the design - fluidity (around the showcases / teller etc.)transparency and flexibility / adaptability.

The shop is organised in a way not obstructing the circulation of passengers while at the same time inviting them into the unit so as to maximise access to the exhibit showcases. Two main exhibit areas are planned: the central (“island”) 1.00m high showcase and the L-shaped, variable height (1.00m min. to 2.00m max) showcase which incorporates the cashier area.

The central unit is free-standing. Its shape is not linear but has polygonal surfaces of variable depth. This free form allows for easy movement both inside and outside the unit. The L-shaped showcase, divided into four parts, is placed on the internal perimeter of the unit, i.e. the sides occupied by the stairwell and the escalator of the departure concourse. In this way, maximum use is made of the limited exhibition space.

All showcases have been designed so as to make them easily adaptable to merchandise changes. Materials have been carefully selected to satisfy the fire safety regulations of the Athens International Airport and at the same time to blend into the overall design concept of the airport.

Design completed 2010
Design team
Architects Sgoutas Architects
Lighting Astrofos