The brief required a design for a prototype “ephemeral” structure that would house children's libraries to be installed in public open spaces of the city of Athens.

Walls, of variable height, fold in the form of crooked planes to create the spaces housing each of the libraries. The planes terminate, at different angles, at high points of variable height, thus creating the shapes of the roof in the form of “bird wings”. The overall geometry of the library appears, in this way, different from every side, the viewer receiving a constantly changing image, depending on where and how far he is standing or moving.

The library is lit naturally from a large picture window opposite the entrance and by many small circular apertures on the slanted facades of the library.

The nature of the structure demanded special attention in the selection of materials. Most of the materials used, i.e. Eurostrand OSB, are environmentally friendly, easy to use and quick to erect and dismantle.

Design completed 2011
Architects Sgoutas Architects