The “Sgoutas Architects” architectural office was established in 1961 by Kostas Sgoutas and Vassilis Sgoutas. The architectural background of the Sgoutas firm begins in the 19th Century * . During  the  period 1981 - 1994, a  number  of  projects  were  undertaken  by “V. K. Sgoutas Design Group” having as partners Vassilis Sgoutas, Themis Strongylos, Katerina Moustaki, Ifigeneia Skamnaki and Sofia Tzanetatou. Dimitris Sgoutas joined the "Sgoutas Architects" firm in 1999.

Projects have been carried out in Greece as well as in Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, Bahrain, Germany, Italy and Tunisia. Projects include public buildings and in particular multi-purpose halls, office buildings, commercial buildings, housing, industrial architecture, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, restoration work of listed buildings, interior architecture and exhibitions. The firm's experience includes town planning, urban design and landscaping projects as well as consulting services.

Design projects, including bidding documents, have been completed in Greek, English and French. Clients are government and municipal authorities and also multinational and private sector companies. For the majority of the projects, the firm's services have included supervision. 

“Sgoutas Architects” have won numerous awards in competitions and have participated in several design / build teams that have won first places in competitions for projects that have been implemented. 

“Sgoutas Architects” provide, with their collaborating firms, the complete package of architectural and engineering services including structural, mechanical, electrical, HVAC and fire protection as well as acoustic, security and energy savings studies.

* Loucas  Sgoutas (1871-1896), Kostas  Sgoutas (1924-1980), Vassilis  Sgoutas (1957-       ),
   Dimitris Sgoutas  (1999 -      )