Graduated from Cape Town University in South Africa. Established his own office in Athens in 1961. Works comprise several large scale projects in Greece and the Middle East, including public buildings, auditoria, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, landscaping and urban design. 

Numerous awards in competitions. Two of the 30 Ministry of Public Works ex-aequo prizes for the best implemented buildings in Greece and one of 9 ex-aequo awards for innovative housing. Has participated in several activities of the International Union of Architects and was its President between 1999 - 2002. The triennial "Vassilis Sgoutas Prize" was launched by the UIA in 2007.

Honorary Member of the architects institutes of Australia, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, USA and Foreign Member of the State Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences. Has been awarded the medal of the Magnesia Chapter of the Technical Chamber of Greece for his "lifelong contribution to architecture".


After graduating from the University of Dundee (BA in Architecture 1998) and obtaining his Master's Degree from the Architectural Association (MA in Energy and Environment Studies 1999) Dimitris Sgoutas became a partner of "Sgoutas Architects" in 1999.

Work experience includes, apart from Greece, France and the U.S.A. Projects have been completed in Greece, Germany, Tunisia and Abu Dhabi and include, among others, office and commercial buildings, cultural and education facilities, housing, renovation projects and landscape architecture. Experience in all fields of design has been enhanced with close supervision on most of the projects undertaken.

Throughout his career he has continued to pursue his professional development through participation in conferences and workshops and also publications and lectures. He has been member of boards and committees. His extracurricular activities include close involvement, in his capacity as Board member, with the Zanneion Foundation, a foundation that helps and educates underprivileged children.